Chris Online

Who: Chris Online
What: Resident DJ at the legendary BCM Planet Dance Club in Mallorca, Spain.
Style: Pumping, Progressiv & Electro house.

The Basics:
Chris Online is an established DJ. He perfected his craft in his native Italy before moving to Mallorca to hold down his current prime residency at BCM, sharing his booth with the biggest names in club music.
This year Chris feels the time is right to step up and start making his own tunes.
With that much dance floor experience behind him you know they will be hot. The first release - Chris Online featuring Alray - One Again is finished and ready to drop.

Back Story, Chris in his own words:
I was born in 1979, in a small city called Merano in the north of Italy close to Austria.
When I was eight or nine years old I started buying cassettes to listen to music, and swapping music with friends.
When I was fourteen I was started going to parties. I saw the DJ and people dancing in front of him. At that point I decided that was what I wanted to do. Two months after this I was buying my first turntables. It wasn't Technics because I didn't have enough money, so I bought Gemini, but three months later I sold them and bought two Technics 1210mk2s and a two channel Gemini mixer and I started to practice every day, like a child when he gets a new game. My first clubbing experience as a DJ was for small parties in Merano, my city. I was 15 and just made promotion by telling people there was a party with free entry! People started coming from the towns around and I felt, wow, this is what I want to do for a long time in my life.

After that, things moved on with these defining moments:
NYE 2000, playing in front of 4000 people in my city on a open air stage.
Summer 2006 when I became resident DJ for BCM Planet Dance in Mallorca, and could play with loads of international DJs and producers.
Summer 2007 when I won the DJ competition for best DJ in Magaluf. That was when I started to guest at different clubs in the UK.
Summer 2010 when I played on a Lovemobile at the Street Parade in Zurich, Switzerland in front of nearly one million party people.
Summer 2011 when I played my first time in Gibraltar. It's a very small country but people there love to party and listen to the music.
Now I feel like it's time to step forward into production. I know it is a new level for me, but I can and will do it.
This year my aim is to make two really good productions and hope that people will love the music, then we will see what happens.

Top tunes of all time:
Boris Duglosh - Keep Pushin
Sono - Keep Control
Alex Gaudino - Destination Calabria